Contract Manufacturing

Our product range is very comprehensive, since we build to order according to our clients' samples or demand.
Santec purchases all required components, assists in product development, fulfills all product documentation requirements, and helps to optimize and validate batch production, including sterilization.

Product Examples:

3-fold, 5-fold manifolds with stopcocks, elongation tubing,
check valve, Y - connectors, etc.

Transfusion devices

Infusion devices with syringe introducers and additional custom components

Micro- extension lines for pediatric applications (inner lumen 0.5 mm) made of Coex (PE/PVC)

Tubings made of PVC, PE, PUR or Coex for low, medium and high pressure applications

Exclusive distributor for Dynamic Bubble Trap (DBT) to eliminate micro-bubbles during extracorporal circulation.


Purchasing of components, assembly and fitting of components and products, packaging, sterilization and dispatch in compliance with legal requirement.

Technological transition, development and/or modification of manufacturing process, support in preparing product documentation for certification purposes including risk analysis.

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